Short Films

One stop shop for the short films I have produced. Winds & Strings After ten years, Nick reunites with his lost love, Angie, for one night. Director: Ricardo Ultreras Writer: Michelle Coyle Starring: Sean McHugh and Michelle Coyle All You Need Dana comes home to help her sister, discovering that sometimes all you need is what you already have. Director: Ricardo Ultreras Writer: Michelle Coyle … Continue reading Short Films


Visit me on IMDb FILM (Partial List) Richard Peter Johnson Supporting Gibbon’s Tail/ Dir. Devin Crittenden Suburban Memoir Supporting RabbitBandini Prod/ James Franco All You Need Lead Penny Prod./ Dir. Ricardo Ultreras Make Like a Tree Lead OHO Prod./ Dir. Ricardo Ultreras Nova Superior Lead Sideshow/ Dir. Augusto Domingo Virgin Joseph Lead Dir. Susan Highsmith Conception Supporting Rock It Prod./ Dir. Josh Stolberg Lapse Supporting … Continue reading Resume